New Super Minecraft Bros : Minecraft Mario Map

New Super Minecraft Bros Epic Jump : Mario is another one of bodil40 Epic Jump Map series. As usual this is parkour/adventure with Super Mario Bros elements. The difficulty and designs are just amazing and it comes with its own Mario texture pack

Genre Parkour, Adventure
Version 1.6.2,1.5
Developer bodil40

Minecraft Mario is just like the video game except in video games you see things in side scrolling while here we have the option to play in first person view. The structure details and design of textures are exactly as the original game, minus the angry mushroom and angry turtles spitting fireball.

As for the game-play, your job is to save the princess that has been locked up inside the castle. In order to reach the castle you will have to do a lot of difficult jump. Most of the path are upwards, however if you love parkour then in my opinion this is by far one of the best series by bodil40 team.

minecraft mario map (3)

minecraft mario map (4)

minecraft mario map (5)

minecraft mario map (6)


1 – Don’t play on peaceful
2 – Read all the signs
3 – Make sure that you’re playing with COMMAND BLOCKS on
4 – Make sure that if you’re playing in COOP, you’re are running a vanilla server




EJM Mario Texture Pack

Epic Jump Map Mario


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  1. Ninjaboy3829 9 July, 2013 at 20:44 Reply

    Never Play This With Mods (Eg. Mario Mod). It Can Get Laggy Enough Without Them, And It’ll Get Worse When Mods Are Used XD (It Can Crash o_o)
    When I Finished This After 5 Hours, I Was Pulling My Hair Because It Took So Long ._. Longest Map I Have EVER Seen :3(Sorry For The Caps Habit >.<)

  2. Bobby Tobby 22 February, 2014 at 10:47 Reply

    Use these two mods:
    Optifine Standard
    Optifine Ultra

    I added them together and my Minecraft FPS went from 10 to like, 70! Use them both in this map and in any world!

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