Minecraft Forge

Minecraft Forge is an API providing extra modding capabilities. To this day, it is safe to say that almost every mods requires Minecraft Forge installation so it’s best to have it installed in your minecraft.

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  • Open the Options menu near the login button
  • Use the link in the Options menu to open the .minecraft directory
  • Navigate to the bin folder.
  • Open minecraft.jar and the Forge version you downloaded with appropriate archive software. (i.e WinRAR, 7-Zip)
  • Drag all contents from Forge into the minecraft.jar
  • Delete the META-INF folder from the minecraft.jar
  • Close both minecraft.jar and Forge download.
  • Go back to the .minecraft directory.

For Windows users, you just have to run install.cmd. If you’re on linux, you need to copy files and apply patch manually for now, A for linux users too is on the way.


Download Minecraft Forge 1.5.1-
minecraftforge-universal-1.5.1- mirror


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