Minecraft EJM Sky Butter Texture Pack

This is a requirement texture pack made for EJM Sky Butter edition. It is specially made for parkour map with a buttery color and excitement. Texture pack has been updated manually by me and usable on version 1.7.5 and above

Epic Jump Map Sky Butter texture pack is a HD texture pack, suitable for those who have a butteristic monitor and graphic card as this minecraft texture pack will enhance your minecraft gameplay experience with nice scenery. The textures gave this map a colorful butter color with cartoon images as it comes with custom graphic texture and information labels,banner, sign board, custom items and mobs. Without it you’ll be missing some part of the game-play. I cannot stress enough how important this texture to be included.

Do not worry if you don’t own a good monitor or graphic card as EJM Sky Butter texture pack will still make your experience worthwhile. This texture pack is also suitable for RPG/adventure map.

Do you think you can handle this texture ?







How to Install

  • Download texture pack file.
  • Open the “run” search bar and type “%appdata%”.
  • Open the .minecraft folder.
  • Open texturepacks/resourcepacks folder.
  • Move the downloaded file into .minecraft folder


EJM-SKB-Texture-Pack 1.7.9- 1.8

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