Chocobos Mod

Fancy getting Chocobo ride in Minecraft? Torojima’s ChocoCraft 2.5.3 adds different colors of Chocobos and you can catch them using Gysahl Greens. Gysahl Greens can be found in the woods and can also be plant and crafted.

Genre Pets
Version 1.5
Developer Torojima

Unlike Final Fantasy’s Chocobo where you can only rent or catch them, Minecraft’s Chocobos mod allows you to breed them.

The offspring will be a Chicobo, the juvenile form of a Chocobo. After a while a Chicobo will grow into a Chocobo.

Chicobos will be born wild and have to be tamed. Chicobos will inherit the type from one of their parents or mutate into new types. Thus by repeatedly breeding Chocobos all normal types of Chocobos can be acquired from tamed wild Chocobos. There are a few special Chocobo types though, which can only be acquired by special means.

How To Install


  • Install the latest Forge by following the instructions found on the Forge page. The link can be found above the link to this mod near the top of this page.
  • With Forge installed, put the ChocoCraft .zip file in your minecraft “mods” folder (in zipped form, not extracted!).







Torojima’s ChocoCraft 2.8.2 Download
Torojima’s ChocoCraft 2.5.3 Download


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